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Artı Bilişim Elektra Satış Ve Destek

Hotel Management Software


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More than 4000 Facilities...

Artı Bilişim

Artı Bilişim is a technology company operating in the software industry that has been providing Elektra training and support for over 18 years in Marmaris for 11 years.
Our goal is to enable our users to track financial, operational and the administrative process, making right decisions in a short time span and to offer complete control.

The Elektra Hotel Management System consists of 28 separate modules which can be integrated to all departments regardless of size. It is the most comprehensive hotel software there is. The software can be altered according to the hotel’s need. The Customer Service is operational 24/7. With over 4000 facility using it as of 2020. Elektra has become Turkey’s most popular hotel
automation program and has become the leader in its respective market.



Artı Bilişim

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